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Monday, September 5, 2011

Laguna Hot Spring, Pansol, Laguna

I have a throbbing pain on my feet, right just below my ankle.  It's been a source of irritation for the past few weeks now.  And suspect is arthritis.

So off we went to Laguna.  To the famous Laguna Hot Spring, right at the heart of Pansol.  With its all-natural hot spring water, and un-tiled swimming pool.  I got wind of this from a GMA TV show by Kara David, and my curiosity really got the better of me.

From Calamba, we took a jeep going to Sta. Cruz.  Then told the driver to drop us off at the corner of Pansol, where the Pamilihang Barangay of Pansol is located.  It cost us only Php10/head for the jeepney ride.  When we alighted, we walked a few meters, then turned left to where the covered court is.  And lo, the Laguna Hot Spring is jut so near you can never miss it.

For a first-timer, the facade was deceiving.  But as soon as you stepped inside, you'll be amazed by the way the swimming pool was created.  The bottom of the pool is lined with volcanic rocks, ready to tickle your feet.

Fish are swimming as well in the pool.

At one of the corners of the pool, there are stainless steel benches where one can sit and really languish in the hot water.  This is the hottest area of the resort, you can even see smoke at the top of the water.  But the best part is when you try to touch the rocks serving as walls with your back and feet.  You'd think you're in heaven.

And the amazing thing about it, there are lots of fishes swimming in the pool as well.  So if you're into fish spa, this is the place to be.  One of the elders we talked to said the reason the fishes can survive is because the water isn't chlorinated.  And the water flows freely to and from the pool, so there is no stagnant water.  What you really get is a freely flowing hot water, which is made possible by the way the whole thing was designed.

This is really one great experience for me.  So next time your body tells you to take a breather from all the chaos of life.  Head off to Laguna Hot Spring in Pansol, Laguna.

By the way, cost per person is only Php70.  Way cheaper than any meds. :)

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